Gourmet Kayak Ride in the Aber Wrac'h islands...

Located a few minutes walk from our premises, our partner, Le-Cha Oyster Company welcomes you for a delicious Oyster Tasting session just before or after your Kayak ride!


Kayak rental rates from 1H00 to a full-day: HERE

Oyster Tasting rates :

Oyster tasting at the "Le-Cha" Oyster Bar

6 Oysters €6.50

12 Oysters €13


Oysters Take -away

 6 Oysters €4.50

12 Oysters €7.50


Alternative to Oysters Tasting:

Platter of 4 cheeses €8

Platter of cold cut €10 (large platter that can be shared: country ham, country-style Pâté, coppa, sausage)

"Le-Cha"Oyster Company, Oyster Farmer and Harvester since 1997

Located a few minutes walk from our premises, "Le-Cha" Oyster Bar welcomes you for a delicious Oyster Tasting session! Open 7 days a week from 11:00am to 11:00pm ( subject to the COVID conditions and sanitary rules)

Address: 175 Route de Doenna, Landéda/L'AberWrach

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